Here and now




Senior Architect and Founder

As an architect, I think that everything around us is product of imagination and there is always a first sketch that stays behind every element. And still there are lot of things to achieve, realise and perform.

From time to time I have ideas that aims to change the usual environment. One of such ideas came seven years ago, but sadly I was not able to keep on with this due to some unexpected personal problems. Nevertheless, three years ago I was happy to see projects similar to those which I had kept in my mind earlier.

It was pleasure to see that the ideas similar to mine are used by major IT companies, as Facebook. No doubt, it was an extra motivation for me to create a team and to invest into a brand new idea and potential product, which can be used freely by millions of users.

I am happy to step into IT industry with my own rules. To me a project has no meaning if it’s a copy or there is no soul in it. Any project should help make the life easier. Like the buildings, IT projects must have their inner atmosphere, which makes a good impression on you for a long time and makes you wish to come inside again.


Elshad Yusifli

Backend Developer

Yolchu Nasib

Frontend Developer

Elshad Yarmetov

IOS Developer

Anar Rzayev

Backend Developer

Aliagha Seyidov

IOS Developer

Karim Karimli

Android Developer

Elmir Mahmudov

Javascript Developer

Grebennikova Valeriya

Interior designer

Hacali Bayram

Android Developer

Shamil Omarov

Backend Developer